My Approach

“My vision”, was to build a website that can be used as a service to help build a “Home theater ” before buying just any TV or surround sound system. It’s a place to for me to make recommendations and extend my voice to assist in making amazing room events. So let me start by sharing some ideas or tips on how to build your own TV room. For example, did you know it does not start with the TV, its starts by buying the right components. What are components.? A stereo like Onkyo stereo, yes a radio,  a home system to use for sound, a better sound to build your room. This might cost $1-3K and as much as 5K.  Then pick the Size for your tv, this will be based on your room and how you want to see it and listen to the sound.  The Venu starts with installing front speakers and back speakers that work best with a woofer for base located in the front left side of system usually, and a Center speaker as well, to make five speaker and a base for all the sounds recorded in the movie you just put on.

My family thanks you for using my site.

Here is a sample of a Bose system, a radio, DVD player and surround sound system, all in one. $1000 great stuff

Bose wirelss

My Story Continues …

The facts are their are many more ways to build better systems and one day one will use less components, but for the real sound effect the better the system the better the sound.  The following pages will show you some products I have chosen, and a good systems to start you on your way to enjoying  your theater room.