Product / Service #1

So let us get started. First you need to design your space and budget your cost. For as little as $1k you can have a home thearter. The do not things are first fine the biggest TV (wrong) buy big speakers and buy a very expensive surround sound system. “Wrong”  First find the right size by measuring your space, the seating arrangements to be made on movie night, then see if a wireless system my work better than a wired system. The most lates technology will allow you to consider wireless for your home. Go to the my call for action tab at the bottom to move forward..

Product / Service #2

Product 2 is about fishing one of my favorite things to do. There are many fishing pools but a few really good ones. I select fishing pools they call the Ugly Fishing Stick Rods, by far the best to use and priced at $49.95  or more and great for fishing this summer and fall events to come.

Product / Service #3

Product 3  All about (Comfort is what camping can be) By having the  right mind set and your favorite pillow to be included as part of right tools…You see a cot with a air mattress can be used for camping and having your own pillow which adds to the comfort factor of camping and more.

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Financially, I will discuss how I have taken my companies and used budgets and different designated pots of savings as a strategy to complete my role as a parent and made decisions on how this world can work more effective and make your many years work better.

Budgets we all must have them for that rainy day or play day that may come and we are not in a possition to not have them. So lets learn how to semi prepare for the worst or best time for little cost…as I introduce NFIS to you.

NFIS/ Talking more about insurance products used for Money!

Insurance has become a new wealth of life, meaning that inexpensive policies can help keep you moving forward in time of trouble. It is important we use insurance to create wealth and to be used as a stable base for our lives while we can afford it. You pay for security in pennies for dollars, so one can have a safe net. How you buy at least a small life and  large accidental insurance policy before the age of 30, and any medical supplements they can afford before the age of 35 and life savings policies at 40. Why because they are inexpensive and will be used as you grow into your 50’s. If your never used them, then count your blessing…By 50 if you have property and savings a trust and will needs to be set and a plan for retirement will be the next to last step.

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